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Makers Madurai – IOT Project Ideas and Discussions – 2020

Makers Madurai – IOT Project Ideas and Discussions – 2020

Event Date: 1st Feb 2020

Saturday 6 pm to 7.30 pm

Event Date: 1st Feb 2020

Saturday 6 pm to 7.30 pm

Venue: MakersMadurai, Pasumalai


About the Event:

IoT community meet is originated and organized by MakersMadurai and IoT experts from GeoMeo Informatics Pvt. Ltd., The community meeting is originated with a vision to bring basics of networking in IoT and to develop it by providing clarity with knowledge.

The event had a moto to give an overview of IoT, opportunities in it and the future of it. The program was hosted by Mathan Kumar P.


Event Stats:

Invited 100+ people

20+ participants attended the program

Among them 10% of people were women

Employees from 3 companies and 3 cities had taken part in it.

Among all participants most of the people were developers


Event Agenda:

6:00 – 6:10 Welcome Note by Mathan Kumar

6:10 – 6:30 Guest Speech by Yashwanth TB

6:30 – 6:50 Overview and fundamentals of IoT by Deepak Kumar R

6:50 – 7:15 Q & A

7:15 – 7:30 IoT networking

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Event Summary:

With a great motto to enlighten the people’s knowledge with IoT technology trends, the community meeting was started and done its part very will in its 1st meet. The session went very well and enthusiastic and interactive.

Mathan Kumar (R&D Engineer, GeoMeo Informatics Pvt. Ltd. Madurai), started the event with his welcome note and handed over the stage to the guest speaker, Yashwanth TB (Firmware Engineer, Continental Automotive Components (India) Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore). He started the session and brought up it very interactive and explained the future and opportunities in the field. When he asked the audience about their knowledge about IoT he got some answers such as Fitbit, iWatch, Samsung watch where they are connected with the internet to monitor health records of the patients, and Tesla’s autonomous and connected cars project. He explained deeply into the opportunities with the example of the automotive industry and connected cars/connected devices. He explained with RF Geolocation, NFC (Near Field Communication), RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and M2M (Machine to Machine)

After Yashwanth, Deepak Kumar from Savemom Pvt Ltd., Madurai, took over the stage to give an overview and new project ideas and basics of IoT. He explained some ideas for beginners such as

  • LED blinking projects,
  • Motor Speed Controller,
  • Weather Reporting System using IoT,
  • IoT Based Liquid Level Monitoring System, and so on.

Then again Mathan Kumar took over the floor for Questions and Answers session. There were lots of questions has been raised and all the queries were clarified by him.

Mathan explained from the basics about the Internet of Things. As what it is and what is meant by connected devices. He gave brief with an embedded system and microcontroller. He gave a very easy example of the TV remote for the controller of the system. He continued that if the signal passed from a controller to the device to be controlled via an internet-connected embedded gateway could be controlled over the internet and that is called the Internet of Things.

We hope this session would have added value to your knowledge. We will be talking more about IoT practical aspects in our next session.

Finally, the event winded up with networking and taking group photos. The total program was streamed live on Facebook, shared and viewed by numerous viewers. As well all the upcoming events will be streamed live to develop the community and knowledge.