Workshop on IoT from scratch (Hands-on)

Makers Madurai and Geeksup – An Bilateral Internet of Things Workshop and Hands-on Session.

Event Date: 14th March 2020.                                     Day: Saturday

Timings: 10 AM to 2.00 PM

Venue: Makers Madurai Pasumalai

About this event:

IoT Workshop is a bilateral event oversight by IoT real time experts who managed the big platform like Internet of Things. Makers Madurai is an innovative technological event that has been construct to reinforce the maker’s community in everywhere.

Internet of Things is the event accommodate by the Makers Madurai Team and it was hosted by Mr.Madhan Kumar (Explained IoT) and  Mr.Deepak Kumar (Explained the IoT and Trends of IoT).

Event Stats:

  • Invited 100+ People.
  • 60 People Participates in this event.
  • Behalf 60 Students, 30% were Women and 70% were Men.
  • Two Speakers (Mr.Deepak Kumar & Mr.Madhan Kumar) hosted the event.

Event Agenda:

Registration Time: 10.00 – 10.15 AM

Welcome Note: 10.15 – 10.30 AM

IoT Trends and how to work with kit: 10.30 AM – 11.45 AM

Break Time: 11.45 AM – 12.15 PM

Hands on session with real time projects: 12.15 PM – 2.00 PM

Queries Session: 2.00 PM – 2.10 PM

Event Summary:

This is the enthusiastic time the Makers Madurai community has appropriated the Hands on session on IoT. We are so excited to see the participants because they are very interesting and very attentive in this event.

Mr.Deepak Kumar started the speech about “What is IoT ? and How it uses? People are so interesting and the students are studying the 2nd and 3rd year in ECE department and IT Department so they are very attentive to learn about the Iot and trends of Iot.

Continuing this, our IoT developer Mr. Deepak Kumar has explain about “ How the IoT works in real-time with some examples like Air Conditioners in IoT , 4 Components of bridge, Sensors in IoT, Networking details and cloud Computing. These examples are explained through by how the IoT have been worked in these areas.

During this session, it was so good to see some exclusive questionaries’ happened from participants and Deepak has answered every question by showing them real time projects.

The interaction produced a positive vibration among the participants and it continued with the interesting mood till the end of event.

At this juncture, Mr. Deepak has telling about the IoT applications with some examples like Health Monitoring System for Humans (Smart Watches Example) and in Consumer side of things also explained some examples with recent products such as irrigation system used by drones etc.,

Mr. Deepak has explained about the benefits of IoT and how it works in every human life some examples also there like Home automation which means alertness of product running or not from home and he explains about the Big Data, Machine Learning, Block Chain etc.,

After completing the Deepak speech, Mr.Madhan has started the speech for participants. Mr.Madhan says about “First How IoT works and ask the questions about students. Students are replied “we are 2nd and 3rd Year students we don’t know about this and it is a good opportunity for our career platform. And continue the Madhan Speech About in depth of IoT in real time projects.

Hereafter, students shouldn’t know about what is cloud? And How It works etc., At this juncture, our developer has explained from basic of cloud to in depth. Participants has realised how it works in day to day life. During this our speaker has asked some questions about pollutions and how it pollutions are worked with Internet of things and he said some examples also.

However, he give the speech again, Upon this some real time projects also we expand to participants like Raspberry pi, Arduino, Node MCU etc. and since he explained what are the products we want to interface with IoT (Web Interface, Mobile App Development). Due to this, student is asked what are the programming languages to do IoT Products. Madhan also explained that Questions like some languages such as, C, C++, Python, Json etc. One Participant has said, now a days Json is important thing to all.


And we have to learn some Basic Electronic and Circuit Design because these are very important for IoT platform.  Some platforms also there to develop IoT that’s Cloud platform and hardware platform.

Now the event has come to frequently asked question session. Here people are so interest to ask the questions about IoT.

After break the real time project session is conducted to students, they are very interest to handle the board like Arduino UNO and very interest to programming also. Our Mentors are very happy to teach us. Finally, the real time project session also completed.

Feedback: participants gave the excellent feedback, that’s “we don’t know about the Advanced technologies in IoT”. This session is very useful to us and “we don’t know how many things are contained this IoT”. So we are very happy.


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